Box Kite was created to serve the coffees that make headlines within the industry but which are not readily available in New York City. As a multi-roaster shop, Box Kite is not wedded to a narrow range or one style, but is able to offer coffee drinkers amazing choices every day, choices that change on a daily basis, choices of beans from different parts of the world, all roasted by the leading roasters, and extracted with precision by highly trained baristas who are given the latest equipment and latitude to experiment. If you know of another shop that offers anything close to what we do, please let us know and we'll go there with you. We love coffee.

Along with the passion for showcasing current trends in specialty coffee, Box Kite also offers (at the St. Marks location) an innovative food and beverage program in the exuberant, comfortable environment of the coffee shop. Through our engaging service, warm, detail-oriented hospitality, and incredible organoleptic geekiness we will continue provide a combined exciting  coffee, coffee cocktail, selected craft beers, boutique grower producer wines, and an all day food experience one simply cannot get anywhere else in New York City.

115 St Marks Place